Human Rights

The challenge of operating international human rights laws in poor, unequal and educationally deprived citizens.

Finding Strategic Identities in an Unequal World: Feminist Reflections from India


In: Faye V. Harrison, ed., "Resisting Racism and Xenophobia: Global Perspectives on Race, Gender and Human Rights" AltaMira Press 2005

The collection of essays focuses on the intersections between race, gender, sexuality, class, and nationality that exert a huge influence on human rights conflicts around the world. Using compelling examples, the authors illustrate the central premise that understanding the dynamics of these intersections has important implications for effectively confronting oppression and constructing positive change. Investigating conflicts in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia, they also reflect upon political concerns and anxieties worldwide that have grown out of the catasrophe of 9/11. The contributors comprise an internationally diverse group of anthropologists and human rights activists concerned with global, culturally diverse, gendered experiences.

Making Human Rights Education Inclusive. The Indian Experience


By Devaki Jain and Sitharamam Kakarala In: Journal of NHRC, Volume 4, 2005

Human Rights and Development


Presented at "Human Rights and Global Economy - State and Non State Actors", Lucerne, April 10, 2005

Women's rights between the UN human rights framework and free trade agreements


Keynote speech at WIDE's Annual Conference "Globalising Women's Rights", Bonn May 19-22, 2004

A View of "Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance" Through the Gender Lens


Presented at a Seminar Organised by National Human Rights Commission & National Law School of India University, Bangalore August 3, 2001

Children's Rights and Women's Rights: Some connections and disconnections


In: Development, 2001, vol. 44, Issue 2, pages 58-62

Devaki Jain describes some ground level situations, reviews and dialogues, around the issue of child rights and women's rights, and raises some questions about the frameworks which are currently being used. She argues that women's rights and child rights are a theme that needs to be addressed together far more systematically.

Gender and Globalisation

Presented at "National Conference on Human Rights, Social Movements, Globalization & The Law", Panchgani (Maharashtra), December 27, 2000

Women's Contribution to Human Rights and Human Development


Presented at "National Symposium on Human Rights and Human Development" with National Human Rights Commission, Panel on Women's Contribution to Human Rights and Human Development, September 12, 2000