Poverty and Inequality

It illustrates a deep cause and effect relationship between inequality and poverty through exploring women amongst the poor.It contains arguments showing the connection between inequality and poverty and also, their link to the economic growth theory revealing the challenges that feminist reasoning poses to public policy and governance.

It's Time to Include the Informal Economy in Measuring GDP


Tue Feb 2nd 2016, The Wire, Devaki Jain

Using inequality to engineer growth


Fri, Jun 13 2014, Live Mint, Deepshikha Bhateja and Devaki Jain

Jain, Devaki. "Engaging with Economic Growth: Learning from the Ground."


In the Search of Economic Alternatives For Gender and social justice: Voices from India, edited by Christa Wichterich, 15-19. Brussels: WIDE, 2010.

Growth Poverty and Inequality Essex


UNDP Gender Equality, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Expert Group Meeting. Essex University, June 2007.

Globalisation, Gender and Poverty - Sustainable Development is ... that which the poor, especially poor women can sustain not what sustains the poor


Presented at UNFPA PANEL: "Population In Sustainable Development: Reproductive Health and Gender in Poverty Reduction", South Africa, August 27, 2002, 30 pages

Through the Looking Glass of Poverty

Lecture, New Hall College, University of Cambridge, October 19, 2001

National Population Policy 2000: Re-examining Critical Issues

By Mohan Rao and Devaki Jain In: Economic & Political Weekly, Issue: VOL 36 No. 16, April 21, 2001

With many states now having evolved and announced state population policies, there is a need to examine their links with the central policy and also to take a closer look at the experience of implementing the policy. While there has been some change in the content of the policy the blinkered vision on population and people's needs continues to be evident.

Inequality and Information Technology

Report on the state of the world forum or alternative millennium summit, New York, September 17, 2000

Report on Magadi Child Labour

Sponsored by National Human Rights Commission, January, 1999

The Poverty Thing or This Thing Called Poverty


Presentation at a Special Event of UNDP, New York May 20, 1997

The Culture of the Poor - Is Equitable Development Possible?


In: "Cultural Forces Shaping India" Edited by Karuna Mary Branganza and Saleem Peeradina, New Delhi, Macmillan India, 1989

Man In India Journal-Devaki Jain


MORALS IN POLITICS - THE GANDHIAN TOUCH, 1989, Serials Publications, Devaki Jain *Assisted by Shubha Chacko and Perce Bloomer

Women's Quest for Power: Five Indian Case Studies


Devaki Jain, assisted by Nalini Singh, Malini Chand New Delhi, Vikas Publishing House, 1980 (272 pages)

The book discusses five Indian efforts in which women in large numbers have organized, participated or let themselves in pursuit of better food, clothing and shelter. The first chapter describes a trade union formed of the unorganized self-employed in a city; the second looks at the institutional structure of a renowned cooperative enterprise which is based on women who tend and milk cattle; the third examines a successful commercial enterprise, based again on household production of a processed food item; the fourth chapter examines the impact of the commercialization of folk art where women are the main artists; and the fifth is the story of a direct action movement generated by women in the north-eastern state of India against the alcoholism of their men.

Manifestos are ignoring real issues


indiatoday.in, Deepshikha Bhateja and Devaki Jain