Looking at all the issues, reasoning and practice of development through the lens of poor women revealing flaws in the concept.

A Singular Woman


A feminist's friendship with Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay, Caravan Magazine, 2015

The woman behind Sirleaf


Devaki Jain, September 14th, 2013, The Indian Express

Working draft For IAFFE (International Association for Feminist Economics )


The New World re Order An Opportunity to Build /Introduce Feminist Political Economy /Ideas, June 2011

Decongesting Economic Power


In: Mint, 11 May 2009

This crisis is a chance to rethink Indian economic policy and focus on informal, lower income sectors.

Using the Turbulence to the Advantage of the Less Privileged


Published in the South Bulletin's Reflections and Foresights, 16 March 2009, Issue 34: Geneva

Paper presented at the UNDP event titled "Turning the Global Economic Crisis into Opportunity: Women's Ideas" at the Commission on the Status of Women, 53rd Session, March 2009: New York

Unfolding Women's Engagement with Development and the UN: Pointers for the Future


By Devaki Jain and Shubha Chacko, May 2008

The paper reveals how the engagement of women with development ideas and approaches, challenged the mainstream views and programs, re claimed agency, i.e. the power to define the agenda and finally how women from the South even led the UN's ventures. Through description and analysis of six decades of the engagement , it comes to the conclusion that all the three actors, i.e. women as represented by the international women's movement, development as currently articulated through the liberal economics paradigm and the UN, weakened by the entry of financial and corporate global players, need to rethink their basic ideas and approaches.

FROM How to "do" Development with women TO How women "do" Development


by Devaki Jain and Shubha Chacko Paper presented at the University of Oxford, April 2008

Bringing Women's Perspectives into UN Reform Processes


Paper, Revised July 21, 2006 (4 pages)

Women, Development, and the UN - A sixty-year quest for equality and justice


Bloomington, Indiana University Press 2005 230 pages

The book shows how women's contributions have changed and shaped development thought and practice at the UN.

Employment: a first lifeline for women amongst the poor


Committee of Concerned Citizens, Bangalore, January 10, 2005

Revisiting the Development Paradigm


South Bulletin - 84, 30 July 2004

With an alarming rise in disparities between the rich and poor, even within developing countries, rethinking fundamentals rather than getting the old fundamentals straight, seems to be the need of the hour. This reflection appeared recently on the online edition of the Indian economic daily Financial Express of 20 July, 2004.

Weaving Participation: Women's Contribution to Internationalism

Presented in the Panel on Reflections: "From Mexico City to Beijing and Beyond", NGO at CSW, New York, February 27, 2005.

Testing the Ground in a District in India for Its Capacity to absorb Sen's Formula


In: J. S. Sodhi, ed., "Development As Freedom - An Indian Perspective" New Delhi, Shri Ram Centre, 2004, pgs 124-137. Proceedings of the Seminar on Amartya Sen's "Development As Freedom" in New Delhi, July 31-June 1, 2003

Are We Knowledge Proof? Development as Waste

(Reprinted in: Wastelands News, Vol. XIX, No. 1, August-October 2003, Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development, New Delhi, pg. 19-30) Lecture at Lov Kumar Memorial, New Delhi, September 26, 2003

Enabling Reduction of Poverty and Inequality in South Asia

For "Population and Poverty. Achieving Equity, Equality and Sustainability", UNFPA, Number 8, New York 2003

Rights and Development: The UN's Role in Global Governance

In: Development, 2002, vol. 45, Issue 3, pages 24-27

Devaki Jain raises the critical question of how to support the UN while maintaining national sovereignty when dealing with the human rights framework. She proposes this as a crucial and complex question to consider for global governance, a key issue of UN intergovernmental global events such as the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

The Many New Faces of Economic Development

Paper prepared for the North-South Round Table on "Imperatives of Tolerance and Justice in a Globalized World", Cairo, November 26-27, 2002

The Many New Faces of Economic Development and some questions on how to land Justice

Sustainable Development is that which the poor, especially poor women can sustain not what sustains the poor


Paper presented at World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) (Rio +10), South Africa, 27 August 2002

Gender, Globalization and Governance

Paper presented for Society International Development at UNGASS, (Beijing + 5), New York, June 9, 2000

Population and Economic Development: Political Systems and Gender Equity

A paper presented at the Millennium Conference on Population, Development and Environmental Nexus, New Delhi, February 14-16, 2000

A historical narrative and update

Nuancing Globalisation or Mainstreaming the Downstream or Reforming Reform

Centre for Gender and Development Studies (Working Paper No. 3), Barbados University of the West Indies, 1999

Towards Just Development: Identifying Meaningful Indicators

A working paper by Jain, Devaki and Samia Ahmad for UNDP, South Africa 1999

Renaissance as Reconstruction

And other essays and lectures given in South Africa 1998 Published by SANGOCO - South Africa Network of NGOs (67 pages)

Minds, Bodies, and Exemplars: Reflections at Beijing and Beyond


A collection of essays Published by the British Council, New Delhi 1996 (75 pages)

Speeches delivered by Devaki Jain on various occasions; with special reference to Indian women.

Panchayat Raj: Women Changing Governance


Gender in Development Monograph Series #5, UNDP. New York, 1996 (16 pages)

Building Alliances: A Southern Perspective


In: Caroline Sweetman, ed., "North-South Co-operation" (Oxfam "Focus on Gender" Series), p. 15, Oxfam 1995; The "Focus on Gender" series makes available in book form the contents of the Oxfam journal "Gender and Development".)

Gripping Development

In: Journal of the Society for International Development (A special Beijing issue), Rome 1995

Minds not Bodies - Expanding the notion of gender in development


Bradford Morse Memorial Lecture, UNDP, Beijing, September 5, 1995

Also Published in: "Minds, Bodies, and Exemplars: Reflections at Beijing and Beyond", New Delhi 1996;
Published in "Women and Ethical Leadership" as part of the text: "Women's Leadership and the Ethics of Development" Gender in Development Monograph Series #4. UNDP, August 1996 (11 pages) 

Healing the Wounds of Development


In: Jill K. Conway, Susan Carolyn Bourque, eds., "The Politics of Women's Education: Perspectives from Asia, Africa, and Latin America", p. 45, University of Michigan Press 1993 (262 pages).

Women, Waste and Planet Safety - Proposal for a North South Alliance

WIDE Bulletin (Women in Development Europe), 1992:3

Sustainable Development and Environmental Changes


In: Rilling and others, eds., "Challenges : Science and Peace in a Rapidly Changing Environment", 1992. Volume I

Can We Have a Women's Agenda For Global Development? 5 Years After Nairobi Conference

NIEO Association, Netherlands, November 3, 1990; Published in: Development, 1991:1

Development Theory and Practice - Insights Emerging From Women's Experience

In: Economic and Political Weekly, Mumbai July 7,1990, pp 1445-54

Development South Style

Paper Prepared For Working Party on Development, South Commission, Geneva, November 2-4, 1988

Development as if Women Mattered, or: Can Women build a New Paradigm?

Lecture at OECD/DAC Meeting, Paris, January 26, 1983; (42 pages, Institute of Social Studies Trust, 1983)