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"The Needs Of The Poor Come First."
Dear Reader, this website is an archive of the writings of Devaki Jain. As well, it gives insight in her life, namely an idea about her life long struggle in favour for the empowerment of women, for equal chances of the poor and for the perspective of the South.

Current Interest
Gender and Macroeconomics
"We need to shift our language - from gender equality and other terminologies and objectives such as Millennium Development Goals - towards ensuring securities: food, livelihood and water security for women. This should be the responsibility of the State. States are now all geared to ensure security against terror attacks, but it is these 'peace goods' that women want and should have, if there is seriousness in the States' commitments to ensure 'inclusive growth'."
Read the paper Gendering the Macro-economic Sky, November 2009, Bangkok

"Casablanca Dream"
The "Casablanca Dream" is an initiative of women from the South, activists and academics, seeking for solutions in order to empower women who carry the growing burden of world wide poverty. The relaunch meeting was in Casablanca, January 2007. See the website

Latest Book
Women, Development, and the UN
A Sixty-Year Quest for Equality and Justice
(United Nations Intellectual History Project)

Foreword by Amartya Sen
Delhi, Orient Longman, 2006
... and other editions
Introduction: Women, development, and equality: history as inconclusive dialogue.
1. Setting the stage for equality, 1945-1965.
2. Inscribing development into rights, 1966-1975.
3. Questioning development paradigms, 1976-1985.
4. Development as if women mattered, 1986-1995.
5. Lessons from the UN's sixth decade, 1996-2005.

"Devaki Jain brings to bear on this book her wealth of engagement and knowledge as a pioneering feminist economist, an academic activist, a Gandhian, and an unabashedly pro-South and anti-neoliberal voice." (A review by Barnita Bagchi in The Statesman)

Devaki Jain

Devaki Jain
Development Economist and Activist

Devaki Jain (born 1933) is best known for her work on development, South Asia, and feminist economics. Throughout her career, she has bridged academic and policy-oriented work. She and her husband, Lakshmi Chand Jain, are noted Gandhians. Read more
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